Wednesday, March 9, 2011


February was FULL! We had several class parties, a Valentine's exchange, Celebrated Dental Health Month and More! The kids had a lot of fun taking turns with SIMON the smarty pants Snake! His journal of adventures with our class of 2011 is growing!

Here are the kids on Letter "Q" day. We talked about Kings & Queens! We made crowns decorated in jewels and the kids loved every minute. 

The kids made very special Valentine's Frames for their moms! They LOVE anytime it's involved in our crafts they are HAPPY! They enjoy our crafts that include TREATS....glue one...glue one! It was a fun day an they turned out darling!

We also made LOVEBUGS! Complete with moving wings! We practicing our patterning and counting...while gluing hearts on the wings of these darling creatures! OUR goal was to master counting to 10....and pattern each wing alike. FIVE hearts (spots) per wing on our LOVEBUGS!

Letter "R" was a blast! We made Rockets, practiced our shapes and perfected using scissors!
It was a darling way for them to practice snip...snip...snipping.
They cut and snipped until flames shot out of the bottom of their Rockets!

February is also Dental Health month....SO we celebrated for an entire week!
We talked a lot about healthy foods vs, unhealthy foods, how to properly brush and how MANY TIMES PER DAY! We talked about sugar bugs (cavities) and what causes them and each child went home with a new HEALTHY TEETH KIT (toothbrush, activity book, flossers, etc.). 

Miss Kristin also sent them home with a darling SMILE CHART and plenty of stickers!
The Smile Chart helps them remember to brush twice a day...and rewards them for doing so! 

We also read Dr. Suess's "THE TOOTH BOOK" and learned that even our furry friends and pets have teeth that need to stay healthy!

We each practiced drawing sugar bugs (with dry erase markers) on our own TOOTH!
Then practiced brushing...brushing...brushing them away! Practice makes perfect!

We also used playdoh (for our sensory learning center) to mold sugar bugs onto our GIANT TEETH MODELS! Then used our toothbrushes to get them nice and clean again!

The kids LOVED THIS activity!

As I said...February was FULL.
Full of fun, celebrating holidays and LEARNING.

We are already well into hard as it is to believe!
We are busy hunting for Shamrocks and perfecting our colors while making Rainbows & pots of gold!

Come back to visit us and see what we're up to here at Smarty Pants Preschool!

Miss Kristin

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