Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January in Review!

January flew by! It's hard to believe it's already over.
The kids were ready to get back into a routine after Christmas Break...and worked hard!

We practiced our sorting, matching & Rhyming and held our Annual Parent Teacher Conferences. 
It was great to visit with all the parents and take the time to evaluate each child on an individual basis. I am proud of them and how much they've learned so far this year! The change is remarkable.

We talked about zoo animals...particularly "L"IONS for letter "L" day.

It was also an exciting month because we introduced our Classroom Pet: Simon the Smarty Pants Snake.
We read a book about Simon...our class teaches that we can GROW UP to be whatever we want....and that we can achieve anything we put our minds too! It is one of my favorite books...and they LOVED meeting their new friend.

Simon has a small cage and an Adventure Journal. He takes turns going home with each child for the weekend! They paste pictures and record their activities and many adventures with Simon in his journal and report back to our class! It has been a fun addition and created excitement to get us through these cold winter months in the classroom!

We learned all about the letter "P"...and the Pizza Man came to visit! He taught us how to make pizza, let us roll and toss dough and we ended with a PIZZA PARTY!

We also painted and made a Pizza Art Project...while mastering our shapes!
All the toppings were shapes we've been working on...and we loaded them up:)

The kids LOVE the apple tree game. It is a fun learning tool that teaches so many things in one! Pick an apple, count the number of seeds, flip it over and do what it says! Some may be actions like "clap your hands"...some may be Rhyming we can practice. Practice makes Perfect Afterall!

We finished up "P" week by making/decorating our very own puppies! I found adorable stuffed puppies that they could decorate with markers! The kids LOVED them. Some have spots...some stripes and some a rainbow of colors.

It was a fun day! We had a FULL week and I think they all Mastered the letter "P"!

The last week of January was letter "O". We have been busy talking about the Ocean!
We made a little Ocean in a bottle...complete with rocks, seashells, sharks, dolphins and more.
The kids had a blast talking about underwater creatures!

Jaxson checking out his SHARK!
We are ready for February! Lots of fun parties planned...a field trip to a Bakery...and Lovebugs!
Update coming soon!

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  1. Oh my goodness - this is so much fun to read about all the fun you have in class. Thank you for sharing, I am always curious to see what you all are doing (I wish I could be a fly on the wall). I am so AMAZED each time Finn comes home - you go above and beyond and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and Miss Amanda.
    Thanks again for the update!