Field Trips are ALWAYS fun and ALWAYS create excitement!
They provide a new learning environment to explore and provide opportunities that can't be created in the classroom. We always love field trips!
Field Trips will be placed on the Calendar when certain locations and/or vendors are open and available. These are difficult to solidify 9 months in advance...but I will update this link as soon as I set them in stone!
Each field trip will need volunteer moms!
2-3 moms in addition to me will be necessary to safely take advantage of field trips!
Calls will be placed and a list formed of willing mothers as the time gets closer.
Each and every mother who desires to tag along will get the opportunity!
Let me thank you in advance for your help and time:)
Field Trip Ideas for 2010:
Bakery (Walmart, Smiths, Grocery store)
Fire Station
Day Farms Pumpkin patch and Hay Ride
Layton Park
Davis County Library
and more!