Welcome to Smarty Pants!

I am thrilled to be offering Smarty Pants Preschool...and cannot wait to get the school year started! Get ready to have lots of fun and lots of learning!
Following is a list of policies for my preschool...(that are occasionally changing and adapting when necessary) to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child.

Classes will follow the Davis County School District Schedule. As the summer gets closer and the precise calendar with holidays, UEA and Spring Break is posted I will update this page with the exact Start and End date of Preschool.
Traditionally Preschool will start the first Tuesday after Labor Day weekend...or the second week in September! We will wrap the year up with a Darling Celebration of our Graduates during the second week of May 2011. Again, precise dates will be published ASAP.
Where: 309 N. Sierra Way, Layton
Class Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Class Time: 9:00-11:30 a.m. (This may also change by a range of 15-20 minutes in relation to the start time of local Davis County Schools). I want to make this as convenient as possible for all mothers with older children and carpools to work around.
Monthly Tuition: $75
Non refundable Fee: $40
1. Tuition. Tuition is due the first school day of every month. To compensate for holidays and weekends, you will be given until the 10th of each month. Tuition paid after the 10th will be charged a $5.00 late fee. To keep things as organized and seamless as possible you must drop your child off as close to 9:00 a.m. as possible and pick them up at 11:30 p.m. Anything after 11:40-11:45 will be considered late and $5.00 should be added to the next months tuition. My goal is to have each child arrive on time in order to maximize our 2.5 hours of learning and to avoid disruption to other children. This relates to pickup time as well. I have obligations and commitments and need to be available by noon. Please be considerate of this.
Tuesday/Thursday class averages to have almost 8 days per month with as many as 9 days in some and as few as 6 in others. Due to holidays and breaks on the Davis County School District Calendar. However, it all averages out to be somewhat equal class days per mnth. Therefore, tuition will be the same price for each month.
We will follow the Davis County School District's Traditional School Year calendar. We will break when they break and resume when they resume.

2. Attendance Policy. I prepare every day as if all children will be in attendance. Therefore, you are charged whether your child is in attendance or not. If your child is unable to attend (sick, out of town, etc.) please try and let me know ahead of time. I would love a call!

3. Health Policy. I require every child to wash their hands before snack, after using the bathroom, and after touching any animals. I also require that your child use liquid hand sanitizer at times throughout the preschool day. For everybody's benefit, if your child has a fever, severe runny nose, rash, or goopy eyes, please keep them home. My wish is to keep all children healthy and ready to learn each preschool day!

4. Guests. I would love to be flexible and allow a friend, brother, cousin or visitor to school for the day. However, I do prepare for a maximum of 12 children and that child will not be able to participate in MOST craft time activities because they are planned and prepared for well ahead of time. The rest of the preschool day activities will carry on as normal with an extra child in attendance so don't hesitate to call and ask! I do need prior notice (at least one day) and the cost will be $5.00.

5. Stain Policy. On a typical preschool day we do many hands-on projects and your child might get paint, clay, or other things on his/her clothing. Please be aware that this is part of the learning process, and I will not be responsible for stained clothing. I will take all necessary precautions to prevent stains from happening by providing aprons to wear and washable paint. Craft/project time plays a huge role in helping your childrens hand/eye coordination and in expressing themselves. Please keep this in mind when dressing them on preschool days!

6. Birthdays. Each child will be spotlighted on or near his/her birthday; summer birthdays will be celebrated on a very special day toward the end of the year. Watch for your child's day on the calendar. I will have you fill out a "Birthday Star Banner" and bring a special treat to share with the class (optional). Any food items brought to share must be store bought.

7. Show and Tell. Your child will have several opportunities to bring special items from home throughout the year. Your child will bring home a box marked "Surprise Box" when it is his/her turn to bring something for show and tell. The purpose of the box is to provide an opportunity for the other kids to guess what is inside when given clues. Please do not allow your child to bring toys or other items to school, unless they are in the surprise box on his/her designated day, as they are a distraction to all.

8.Backpacks. Your child will be bringing home papers and projects every preschool day. Therefore, I have found it nearly essential that your child come prepared with a backpack each day. Make sure your child's name is written with permanent ink on his/her backpack. If you are unable to provide a backpack for your child, please let me know.

9. Class changes: Tis life that unexpected things will come up! I will always make up class days missed, most likely on a Wednesday or Friday. I will give you as much notice as possible.

10. Safety Policy. Your child's safety is of utmost concern to me. Though safety is emphasized and encouraged in every possible way during preschool, unfortunately, accidents do sometimes occur. I will take every precaution that I possibly can, but please be aware that I will not be held liable for any hospital or insurance claims from injuries that have occurred on my preschool premises. Please take comfort in knowing that each day your child will have constant adult supervision, safety rules expected and maintained, and a child-proofed environment.
11. Snack Bucket. Snack time can also be used as Learning time, therefore, I will be providing a "themed" snack each Tuesday for the children. This snack will directly relate to the color, letter, shape or theme we are discussing that week and emphasize it in a new, creative way in order to help with memorization! The Snack bucket will then be sent home with a different child each Thursday. The children LOVE to share with their classmates and feel special when attention is directed toward them. I have found this to be a wonderful way to provide nutritous snacks with great variety and much loved child participation.
12. Smarty Pants T-shirt. In addition to the $40 dollar non-refundable fee that will allow me to provide all necessary supplies for each individual child, there will also be a minimal one time fee of $10-15 dollars for a Smarty Pants Preschool T-shirt. These T-shirts will be an optional outfit for the First Tuesday of every month (kids get very excited about matching their peers and being united) and have also proved to be critical for any/all field trips. We take several field trips throughout the year and keeping each child safe and within my view at all times is most important. These uniform T-shirts with a darling Smarty Pants logo will help me keep track of each child and keep them safe so we can enjoy our outing and learning experience to the fullest.
13. Field Trips. You will find more detailed information about Field Trips under the link onwww.littlesmartypantspreschool.blogspot.com. Field trips are essential in providing a learning environment that is impossible to create in the classroom. Several Field Trips are planned for throughout the school year and volunteer moms are always needed. I would prefer that at least, but no more than, 2-3 moms tag along. This will allow each adult to care for 3 children maximum to provide the utmost saftey while we are away from our classroom. Calls will be made and lists will be made of those who are interested in coming along. All mothers who are interestered will get an opportunity to participate and help!

Please sign and return the attached policy agreement form and information sheet, on the next preschool day, so I know you are aware and in agreement to these policies, and so I can get to know your child better! Keep this letter for your own information and reference throughout the school year.