Arts and Crafts time is a blast at Smarty Pants!
Hours of planning and preparation go into creating perfect projects for your little ones to create.
All projects coordinate perfectly with the LETTER, COLOR or THEME we are discussing each week. These crafts help children associate the LETTER we are learning with real life objects that hold their interest! This provides a better learning opportunity and serves as a great memorization method.
We strive to give your children a broad range of opportunities when it comes to creating!
Everything from modeling clay, water colors, finger paints, pudding art and paper mache to working with glue, proper technique with scissors and cutting and working with small objects to improve hand eye coordination. Every preschool day at Smarty Pants has an alotted 30 minutes for "Arts and Crafts" time and at this age...nothing is better!
Below are some examples of the darling and original projects your child will bring home each and every day as a student at Smarty Pants!
pet puppies-800

I also create many unique Learning Games to provide a variety of ways to memorize our Preschool Concepts! This Paint Can game is a darling way to help with Colors, Beginning Spelling and Letter recognition. The clothes pins are mixed up and the chidlren sort through them (letter recognition) to find the letters to spell out the color. At the beginning of the year it is mainly a Matching Game for the children. They begin to look at the letter "R" on the paint can and then find the matching "R" clothespin. As the end of the year gets closer the children truly RECOGNIZE the letters that spell certains words and ALL THE COLORS! Children love have new ways to learn the "SAME OLD THINGS" that can get very boring.

My goal at Smarty Pants is to create new and ENGAGING games and Learning Centers all throughout the year in order to help your child master those BASICS in a fun, creative way!

paint cans-800

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