A Daily Schedule is outlined below to keep you informed on our daily routine, how much time is alotted to specific activities and walk you through a typical preschool day with your child.
Kids thrive on routine, therefore, this schedule will be adhered to pretty closely. Weeks at the beginning of the school year will vary from the schedule the most, as I will be presenting and introducing several new File Folder games, memory games and activities that your children will work on individually for the first 30 minutes of class.
A typical day at Smarty Pants Preschool will go as follows:
9:00 a.m.- Students arrive. Free Play and Learning Centers. (exploration of the classroom). Random activities that will change periodically with the holiday, season or topic I am introducing that week. This time will allow children to work individually as a starter on (puzzles, I spies, Counting, Colors, File Folder Games, Memory Games, Science Centers, Name Writing, Tangrams, etc.) until all children arrive.
9:30 a.m.- Clean Up! Head into Classroom for Circle Time. Calendar Games/ Weather prediction Game/Sing Songs/ Days of the week/ months of the year/ Super Star Kid/ Theme for the day/Introduction of Letter for the Day/Read Alphatales book to introduce new Letter, etc.
9:50 a.m.- Separate into mini groups for "Small Group Learning". This time is allotted for main instruction on a new technique. Technique's will obviously change weekly and/or monthly depending on need of the students. Mastering numbers, shapes, cutting with scissors, tracing letters, patterning projects, sorting, improving hand-eye coordination, etc.
10:10 a.m.- Introduction of the Nursery Rhyme for the week!
10:15 a.m.- Main Activity or Arts and Crafts Time!
All Arts and Crafts will directly coordinate with the letter or theme for the day/week. This serves to reiterate and help with memorization. Example: "Letter A Week", Craft will be making model "Airplanes" and snack will be "Apple Smiles". Refer to monthly calendars.
10:45 a.m.- Snacks/Recess
11:10 a.m.- Surprise Box is presented by Surprise Kid.
11:15 a.m.- Story Time: Big Books/Book on tape/poems/rhyming, etc.
11:25- Clean up, Pack up Backpacks, assign new Surprise Box Kid. Prepare to go home.
11:30 a.m.- Go Home.