A Daily Schedule is outlined below to keep you informed on our daily routine, how much time is alotted to specific activities and walk you through a typical preschool day with your child.
Kids thrive on routine, therefore, this schedule will be adhered to pretty closely. Weeks at the beginning of the school year will vary from the schedule the most, as I will be presenting and introducing several new File Folder games, memory games and activities that your children will work on individually for the first 30 minutes of class.
A typical day at Smarty Pants Preschool will go as follows:
9:00 a.m.- Opening Singing Time. This time is given to welcome each student with our HELLO SONG! We also introduce our themes and letter for the day/week.
9:15 a.m.- Table Time: after each student has arrived and we have worked out our wiggles during Singing time we head straight to the tables for group learning. This time is set aside for activities that will change periodically with the holiday, season or topic I am introducing that week. This time will allow children to work both individually or together as a group on a very structured activity. (Patterning, Colors, Shapes, Sorting, Sequencing, File Folder games, Memory Games, Counting and basic math, I spies, Name Writing, tangrams, worksheets, etc.) We do a lot of hand-eye coordination activities and work with a variety of writing tools (pencils, crayons, markers, etc.)
9:30 a.m.- Separate into Mini-groups for "Small Group Learning". This time is allotted for main instruction on a new technique. Technique's will obviously change weekly and/or monthly depending on need of the students. Mastering numbers, shapes, cutting with scissors, tracing letters, patterning projects, name writing, sorting, improving hand-eye coordination, etc.
9:45 a.m.- Structured Play. This time is alotted for social activity. Sometimes the play is structured an focuses on what we have been learning. Example: Teachers help children in dramatic play with play food...separating foods into food groups, etc. during "HEALTHY BODIES" week. Sometimes this time is set aside strictly for social interaction between children. We focus on sharing, taking turns and use a variety of learning toys and games that promote group play.
10:00 a.m.- Snack! We head downstairs for our snack time. Sometimes we get creative with snack and allow the children to help us in the kitchen! They love experimenting, mixing and handling different textures. Making Green Eggs and Ham during "Dr. Suess Week" is one of our favorite snack days!
10:15 a.m.- During the warm summer months this time is alloted for the children to have time outside in our playground/sand box. They love this free time to get our energy and interact socially with their peers. During winter months this time is set aside for music time and dancing, group activies and interactive games. Examples include: Head, shoulders, knees and toes, the beanbag boogie dance, playing with musical instruments, etc.
10:30 a.m.- Head to the classroom for Circle Time. Druing Circle time we review the days of the week with a fun song and review the calendar and all upcoming holidays! We practice our counting, shapes, colors and work on our beginning spelling and sight words. We use our Weather Wheel to discuss the season and do our weather predicting games. This time is also set aside to read our Alphatales book as well as books on tape and individual reading time. This allows for us to teach beginning reading skills and "book awareness" which is one of  the requirements on the Rubric kindergarten readiness scale.
10:45 a.m.- Main Arts and Crafts Time! This time is always the favorite. It is set aside to get messy, work with our hands and complete fun arts and crafts projects that coordinate with our theme and letter of the week/month. We do everything from water colors to playdoh and clay sculpting, finger paints and cutting and pasting. All Arts and Crafts will directly coordinate with the letter or theme for the day/week. This serves to reiterate and help with memorization. Example: "Letter A Week", Craft will be making model "Airplanes" and snack will be "Apple Smiles". Refer to monthly calendars.
11:10 a.m.- Gather as a group to work on flashcards, present snack bucket, read Simon's Adventure journal, celebrate birthdays, work on Descriptive words and prediction abilities.
11:20 a.m.- Story Time: Big Books/Book on tape/poems/rhyming, etc.
11:25- Clean up, Pack up Backpacks. Prepare to go home.
11:30 a.m.- Go Home.