Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 2011

March was one of our BEST MONTH'S yet here at Smarty Pants!
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a GREEN FEAST and lots of fun arts and crafts. We Wished our favorite author, DR. SUESS, a Happy Birthday. He shares a March Birthday with two of our very own SMARTY PANTS: Jaxson Bishop and Miss Kennedy Devere!

We learned the letters U,V and W with lots of fun hands on projects and learning centers!
It was a full month! 

Enjoy a sneak peak into our classroom the last few weeks!


We talked a lot about SPRING and RAIN and RAINBOWS! The kids mastered their SORTING skills by separating fruit loops! They piled bowls of froot loops in all the colors of the rainbow for a fun MARCH Rainbow activity!

We talked all about the colors of the Rainobow!
The kids LOVED this activity....and ate about as many as they glued to the project:)

Miss Amanda taught them all about the letter U! We talked about UMBRELLA'S....hunted for HUGE raindrops around the classroom...(that a silly leprachan hid the night before) and counted rain clouds.The kids had a blast! I think they are getting really excited for SPRING and some warm weather! Some of them even brought their own rainboots and umbrella's a few times this month! So cute.

We talked about the WEATHER and went through our weather wheel! In Utah we see so many different makes for a fun surprise every day in March! Sometimes we get snow...sometimes sunshine...sometimes lots and lots of rain!

We practiced our Cutting and scissor skills with lots of Leprachan worksheets and pots of gold!
Jaxson didn't want to color his coins GOLD...he wanted to color them SILVER...because SILVER money is worth more:) Oh boy. They sure keep us laughing!

Letter "V" was one of our favorites. We talked about Volcanoes and Lava Rocks. We each made our own volcano with TONS of red, yellow and orange lava shooting out of the top.

Tanner and Cade hard at work. 

Is she cute or what????
Don't know what we'd do without Miss Paige!

I love Tuesday and Thursday afternoons when my classroom window sill is filled with little crafts DRYING and covered in glue! My lightswitch and walls sometimes have a million little blue fingerprints and marker/crayon tracks:) I wouldn't trade it! These kids make things so much fun!

St. Patrick's Day was so much fun! We had quite the celebration. I'm sure we all had a good 2 hour nap afterward. Even the teachers:) Each students went home with handfuls!
A bag of Lucky Charms from Miss Kristin!

They each wore green of course! We had a GREEN PANCAKE breakfast! We also had green jello jigglers and green apple juice boxes! They loved it! 

Just look at her darling outfit! She is a sweetheart.

On St. Patrick's Day we made more rainbows!
This time out of pipe cleaners with marshmallow clouds.
THEY LOVE LOVE LOVE to glue marshmallows to anything:)

Cute Clover headbands!

We spent the THIRD WEEK of March celebrating DR. SUESS'S Birthday!
We read Green Eggs and ham...and of course had to experiment in the kitchen.
Each of the kids helped shake and scramble the eggs....and YEP...they tasted the same.
We talked about TRYING NEW THINGS....and keeping our minds open to new experiences just like the book teaches us!

The devoured the eggs!
Except Miss Kennedy...she is our picky eater....and having it GREEN just about did her in!

We also read the Classic "CAT IN THE HAT!" We worked on our Patterning.....making red, white, red & then white striped hats! They did a fabulous job!

We finished up Dr. Suess's Birtday with "There's a Wocket in my Pocket!" 
We talked about Rhyming words....and they are getting SOOOO good at it!
We, of course, had to experiment and use our imaginations to build little Wockets! They turned out darling. 
Each child got a little pair of overalls....with a pocket to keep their little wocket!

We finished up the month learning all about the Letter "W".
WORMS to be exact.

We made dirt cups...complete with gummy worms for snack!

We practiced our comparison words: LONG vs. SHORT, FAT vs. SKINNY by making tons of big green worms out of play-doh! The kids had a competition with who could make the most!

We had more talk of SPRING....and our excitement!
We made a darling "EARLY BIRD GET'S THE WORM!" art project.
They did such a great job.

Each little Robin was eating a big red juicy worm!
We added a textured crete paper yellow belly and wahlah!
They were very fun and the kids were very proud of their work:)

We are finishing off the last day of MARCH with a much needed Field Trip outside the classroom tomorrow morning.

We are headed to the Classic Fun Center for 2 hours of the bounce house and pirate's cove jungle gym.
I'm sure the kiddos will get out lots of energy and I'm excited to reward them with a  FUN DAY after this full month of learning.

Next week is Spring Break
THEN back to work we go!!!

Graduation is quickly approaching and preparations are in full swing.
Come back and Visit us in APRIL!

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