Friday, September 30, 2011


We had a wonderful first month here at Smarty Pants Preschool!

First, I must tell you how much I already love your children! I thoroughly enjoy having them in class and I’m starting to see each of their little personalities emerge as they interact with each other and learn. As I mentioned at our “Back to school night” I use the School District’s RUBRIC form (kindergarten readiness diagram) as a guideline while I’m teaching. We dove right in and we’ve been busy working on several things throughout this month!

We have been busy: writing our name, patterning,  hand eye coordination activities such as: tracing, lacing & cutting with scissors, sorting by color & shape, opposites, rhymes, beginning math & counting, Mastered Letters A,B, & C and more. Each of these skills were introduced using this month’s THEME: “Life on the Farm”, as you will see in the pictures!

The children have done wonderful adapting to our routine here at Smarty Pants and they know just what is coming next at all times! They get excited for snack and recess & really enjoy arts & crafts time as well! They love paint…and ask if we can PAINT SOMETHING daily. It is a lot of fun watching them be social and experience a structured learning environment, some of them for the first time. They are making remarkable progress! Take the time to look at the worksheets I send home and the work we complete in class. This will be a good indicator of what they can practice at home!

Enjoy a sneak peek into our classroom! 


September was a FULL month!
We have lots of fun activities planned for October.

Mark your calendars:

October 18th- Black Island Farms Field Trip
October 20th- NO SCHOOL UEA break
October 27th- Halloween Costume Party!

As always, feel free to email any questions my way!


Miss Kristin

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  1. LOVE these pics Kristin! Brooke & I had fun looking at them & naming all the kids! She is having a great time at school. Hope she is being good! :) Thanks for all you do!