Friday, November 12, 2010

Monthly Update!

It's hard to believe October is over and we are headed for Thanksgiving!
Our Halloween Party here at Smarty Pants was full of fun, games, costume fashion shows and sugar!

The kids had a great time showing off their costumes and telling Miss Kristin and Miss Amanda all about their plans for the holiday weekend! We had a fun field trip to the Black Island Farms Pumpkin Patch where we went on a hayride, picked a pumpkin, learned about growing vegetables, fed the goats and rode the train! It was a refreshing break from the classroom and fun for the children to interact outside of school.

We are well into NOVEMBER and getting excited for the upcoming holidays. Our Thanksgiving Feast coming up in 2 weeks will be a fun-filled day for the kids to remember!


Make sure to check the Calendar link at the top for a schedule of preschool days throughout the holidays!

Enjoy some snapshots of our class hard at work! This past week we focused on the Letter "I". We talked about Winter animals....and made darling marshmallow igloos. The kids LOVED this art project and spent so much time building their "eskimo houses".

I am having so much fun with your children! They each have such sweet personalities and are truly good kids. They are excited to learn and I've seen a huge improvement in the things we've been focusing on the past few months here at Smarty Pants.

"Building Marshmallow Igloos"



We've been working on Patterning, Sorting and Colors the past few weeks and these kids are Getting GOOOOOD! We also like to pair them up to focus on social interaction with a peer, sharing and communication. Here is our darling Tanner and Finn patterning away with my new favorite from Melissa & Doug! The Sort and Snap! You should each add one to the Christmas List! They are patterning and sorting colors while they build a fun picture puzzle. It's next to impossible to convince them to put it away!!!

Classic Tangrams and Melissa & Dougs Basic Shaper builders teach this skill perfectly as well! Her's Kaden, Kennedy and Parker hard at work! Mitchell is busy sorting colored blocks into bowls! They LOOOVE this activity and can do it in record time!

Our completed Igloos! Notice is PERFECT. He is our little artist and has to complete each project just Right! He is usually begging to work on the project for a good 10 minutes longer than the rest! 
 And what would we do without Cade! He is a little smarty pants...and excels at everything I put in front of him! Here he is counting acorns with Miss Kristin on our "Welcome Fall" day!

I have so many fun things planned for the holidays and I thoroughly enjoy getting to spend time with them and watch them learn and grow. We've officially found our routine...and I love that the children RECOGNIZE when a friend is absent or sick! They KNOW each other and miss each other! SO sweet.

Watch for an update coming on our Thanksgiving Feast!

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  1. You seriously need to drop everything and come fix my blog! This looks AMAZING!

    Preschool is SO much more fun now that we have a routine! I think the kids are learning tons everyday! You do a terrific job!

    xoxo Me